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The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle stay in tour

— I love Gelinaz's reflection this year

Niko Romito, Reale

— There's a lot of emotion and thoughtfulness

May Chow, Little Bao

— You’re actively pushing your food culture further

René Redzepi

— Great. It will be a big mess. I'm starting to work on new recipes.

Riccardo Camanini, Lido 84

— I found the idea genius! Something different, new, fresh and no bullshit!

Henrique Sá Pessoa, Alma

— L’événement qui ravive la libido culinaire


— An unprecedented dining experience


— It may turn out to have been the culinary event of the year

The Japan Times




The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle stay in tour



Expect the unexpected but -at least- take this for granted! Kiss the chef! He/She will be there waiting for you -su casa es tu casa- ready to hug you tightly. Don’t go mooning around like a primadonna just because you managed to secure yourself a ticket for the GELINAZ gig. Be polite to the staff, who knows they might need an extra-hand: why don’t you propose nicely your services for the night? Ask the chef to sign his book for you, begging for an autographed menu is fine too. Get a selfie of you two together but keep your hands at bay: the chef might be married, already engaged or too busy to fool around in public with you. Enjoy the no fuzz –come as you are, in you Jimmy Choo’s and oversized vintage tie and dye teeshirt- but don’t even dare to ask to modify your menu. One menu and one menu only will be served on this GELINAZ night. It has been conceived for you lucky ones who made it inside the restaurant. Don’t ask the chef to modify this or that, invert this or that just because you are a die hard poshy sissy. This menu is an eight course never served before experimental playground that will be never ever repeated again. If you expect chicken and fries go get lost instead. You should better enjoy the whole thing of this double blind date. Remember, tonite the chef is not totally in control (neither are you).


He/she received on November 1st, 8 new recipes (we call them THE MATRIXES) without knowing from which restaurant they were originated. The official mission for this GELINAZ gig: to undo each one of them, to remix them all and create eight new, spontaneously rethought & totally remodeled dishes (we call them THE REMIXES). Don’t fuck up this once in a lifetime thing. Don’t ask for extra-salt or tabasco sauce: eat your greens the way they are and shut up. Use instead your breath to be chatty-chatty and flirt with your neighbor. This is a communal sitting operation, a High Promiscuity thing. Elbow to elbow, knee to knee, meet your stranger. Get tipsy tipsy together. Ask for the wine list, order your fanciest bottles, go wine pairing and bud mating! Go socialize but don’t be too flirty all the time. ‘Cause you have work to do, you are on a mission too. Take pics, draw abstract paintings, shoot a video of the waltzing service, interview the chef in between two courses on the pleasure of failure, stand on the table and quote aloud the thrill of barebacking creative risks, film the orgasmic raptures of your table mates, get all this on camera and don’t forget to mention Gelinaz when you post it on your social media. The most adventurous will be the blessed ones! Someone will be watching over you, ready to Remix you. Be proud of yourself if you end up being the Chosen One, the one and only allowed to crack the code, open publicly the secret letter and reveal to all the people gathered in your room who was the author of the Matrixes and from which one of the other 138 participating restaurants they came from!!! Fulfill the Prophecy! Be yourself!

The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle stay in tour



Below are our Grand Gelinaz! Shufflers! Our idea of Daredevils, of risk takers, great chefs and, even more than that, beautiful-beautiful they are! Beyond science and into nature and back into the lab again!

Use the map to discover the line-up!

Chefs & Matrixes reveal

Discover the author behind the matrixes and the chef who remixed it!

The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle stay in tour



The first Grand GELINAZ! Shuffle, was a major hit. It was such a kick, swapping restaurants even more exciting than swapping wives and husbands in the late 60s. But this time, no more travelling for nothing, just for the sake of it! Tuesday December 3, let’s make the GRAND GELINAZ SHUFFLE STAY IN TOUR. This GELINAZ gig will mark history. It will be the small, humble but fucking daring turning point of an era. A Shuffle everybody wanted, and a Shuffle again it will be. But a journey of minds, of free spirits, it’s the new Gelinaz! idea of travel. It will be a cultural journey where chefs will swap worldwide their recipes, 148 chefs will all be playing with other people’s ideas. It will be a lottery of recipes, a bingo of possibilities.


1 - Each one of the 148 chefs of the Gelinaz posse will create 8 new never served before recipes. We call them "the Matrixes".
2 - We organize a lottery to find out where the 8 Matrixes will be sent.
3 - The chef who will receive his 8 Matrixes aka a full Menu will have to turn it upside down and fully Remix it into something as radical and personal as possible.
4 - On December 3, 148 of the world's greatest chefs will be in their own restaurants to perform live their own Remixes.


If we don’t do it, who else would ever do it? The old adagio goes: GELINAZ! is a collective of chefs, made by chefs, for chefs. And anyone else who wants to enter the dance. In the age of Creative Commons and of Extinction Rebellion, the only SUSTAINABLE THINKING method for GELINAZ! is to advance masked, to strip bare the notion of individuality and work for an expanded, double much more collective identity. Call it a think thank, the future of food to come. An experimental playground always on the look out for new languages, for uncharted collective expressions. PLEASE DON’T YOU NEVER EVER FORGET: GELINAZ! PERFORMS FOOD, IT DOESN’T JUST COOK YOU DINNER!


30 years ago, walls were meant to fall down. Nowadays, walls are hip again. They grow everywhere. Between states, between people, between languages. Borders are back and here to stay. Look at Europe breaking up into pieces, Iron Curtains come back in fashion and commercial wars are on the rise everywhere. Let’s face reality: travelling is important. Travel shapes the youth, or so they say: but what’s the real point of travelling if it is just for more of the same? We would rather travel across boundaries, across languages, travelling for a reason, travelling on a mission. Without polluting, without having to feel ashamed and experience, on our skins and in our souls, the “Flygskam” – the shame of flying, exactly. So no more travelling for nothing, just for the sake of it. And what if we manage to find a better way, a CO2-free state of mind, a new way, a “telekinetic” GELINAZ! way for travelling –yes! yes!– without moving?


Repent! Repent! We have deserted our houses. We have left our husbands, wives and restaurants behind. We have boarded on endless, self-promotional trips. From plane to plane, going nowhere – all the way we went. We staged silly pop ups, we did fake collabs. We spoke on podiums just for the sake of the sound of our shallow empty words. We did all that and much much more. Instagram(mable) junkies, PR-crackheads. Now, our faces smeared with ashes, before it’s too late and we turn into ashes it’s time to find our way back where we really belong. Homecoming, at last. Home, that’s where you will find us –all of us– on Tuesday December 3. That’s our new way of moving fast, standing still, but our brains running full blast. That’s the new GELINAZ! idea of Travel. This time, chefs will not move, but their ideas will. A Shuffle 2.0. Book your ticket!


On Tuesday, December 3rd, 148 chefs will all be playing with other people ideas, like orchestras taking the lead from other composers’ scores. 8 Matrixes, 8 Remixes. A 100% Domosophist new menu which is my vision of you. An open dialogue at a distance. That is our stance, our stanza: The Stay In! Like John & Yoko’s Bed In — but next level. A choral, borderless Protest Song meditating on our planet vogueing at its loss. Godspeed you fellow wanderer, the whole world is waiting for you. Sing along with us “Everybody is coming to my house” (David Byrne, 29018). Mi casa es tu casa. It’s Happy Hour, Togetherness Time and Open Doors to everybody who wants to fit in. And what if, one year from now, on this same day, and next year and the year after and the year after that, we all officially declare — One Voice, One Country — December 3 the International Stay In Day? Will you bring along Greta with you?



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